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Emgage for Education
the employee engagement company

​Emg​age for Education​​

Emgage's ecosystem of PreK to Higher-Ed solutions help you dream of a world through a connected digital experience for a smarter and better education for your students, faculty, and administration

​​ Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies  National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance  OMNIPartner  National Association of Purchasing Officials, ValuePoint​ ​​​

​Common Foundation

Our applications are built on the core of the Application Platform, a robust and integrated set of technologies that enable powerful capabilities in all our applications with a consistent user experience and flexible architecture.

​​​Common Foundation of Apps
Connected and Seamless Government Apps

​Connected Applications

Each of our applications stands on its own and connects through our application fabric for seamless data integration, processes, and a consistent look and feel.
Our flexible and scalable infrastructure will rapidly grow and change with your as your demands and needs evolve.​

Data Center​

Educators, students, parents, and policymakers will have a common and unified place to securely access and explore insightful data to help them plan for improved education and drive amazing results. 

​​Government Data Center for Policymakers Press and Public
​​Ecosystem of Apps
Ecosystem of Innovation​
Emgage provides an ecosystem of apps tailor-made by education institutions just like yours, all built on our innovative Application Platform.
Each app harmoniously works with all the other apps. ​

Each app built on the Emgage Application Platform fits your precise needs while providing unlimited extensibility and flexibility to meet your future needs.

We have apps in every category:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Websites and Portals​
  • Case Management
  • and more...​