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Course Petition - Education
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Course Petition Requests

​​Accelerating Course Exception Processing for Student and Faculty

Allow students to easily request exceptions to their academic history and course qualifications with an intuitive form. Enable your faculty to respond to requests in minutes with all the information at their fingertips and to route it for additional approvals.

Built on top of our Application Platform, a powerful tool to drive digital transformation, centralize data management, and adapt to your growing needs with ease and security.


SIS Integration

Connect with any Student Information System, such as Colleague, PowerCampus, Banner, Sycamore...
Automatically integrate academic information to accelerate the review process​


Single Sign-On

Your students, staff, and faculty will login with an existing school account, such as Office365, Google Apps, or any SAML, OpenID, and Shibboleth provider



​Get instant insights on request processing, exception dashboards, and impact reports on your bottom line. Balance the needs of your institution with student requests